Construction of a concrete industrial floor is carried out according to a planned design authorized by the investor. Before the construction takes place, certain conditions have to be met in order to insure that the construction will be performed without any difficulties. Construction cannot be performed under bad weather conditions so the facility in which the construction is to be performed has to offer protection against bad weather conditions. If the facility itself is under construction, then at least the roof construction has to be finished. Subgrade and subbase have to be finished and suitable for the construction of the future concrete industrial floor (e.g. in their preparation care has to be taken regarding level tolerance etc.).

Plan of the construction has to be determined. That includes determining the access to the facility which will be used as an entrance for materials, machinery and construction workers. If it is a larger facility then directions within facility have to be determined as well.  If the entire facility is under construction and many teams perform the construction then the relationship between them has to be established in order to avoid interference with each other’s work. Time table for concrete supply has to be set as well as emergency procedure for constructing floor joints if case of a concrete supply breakdown.