Concrete floor

Life of a concrete industrial floor starts with a design phase. The future owner has decided to invest in this type of floor and is ready to consult with a designer.

It is really important for the future owner to work closely with the designer in order to achieve the best solutions for the project because factors such as materials, means and techniques used in a construction are considered with the purpose of the floor in mind. Otherwise it may happen that the owner is not satisfied with the end result.

There are two key functions of a concrete industrial floor. First one is the ability to withstand the loadings (caused by the infrastructure placed on its surface, the goods placed on its surface as well as heavy vehicles that circulate on its surface) and transfer them to the supporting ground without any harmful consequences for the structure of the floor.

The second is the ability of the floor to provide a quality wearing surface so that the everyday activities can be performed safely and efficiently.

Here you can see the cross-section of a typical concrete industrial floor.


The thing that makes a concrete floor suitable for an industrial application is the integration of a mineral based dry shake material. Dry shake material improves mechanical properties of the floor; gives it a high abrasion resistance, high compression strength, improves a load-bearing capacity, makes a surface of a floor non-porous, prevents surface dusting, improves floors oils and salt resistance, improves floors freezing resistance and eliminates slipperiness of the floor.

In our work of constructing concrete industrial floors we use products of world renowned company from Italy, VIMARK. Their products are of the highest quality and in our long years work have turned out to be the right choice.